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Review of acute pancreatitis scoring systems
文章发布日期:2011年10月18日  来源:  作者:郭子皓 郝建宇  点击次数:8915次  下载次数:1750次
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【摘要】:急性胰腺炎为急诊常见疾病,大多数为轻型病程,20%发展为急性重症胰腺炎,病情凶险,病死率高。因而早期对急性胰腺炎进行评估,识别急性重症胰腺炎患者并给予早期积极治疗至关重要。本文介绍了目前临床上广泛使用的Ranson、APACHE II、BISAP、CTSI等急性胰腺炎评分系统,并对其特点进行综述。
【Abstract】:Acute pancreatitis (AP) is a common emergency. Most patients with AP run a benign course, while up to 20% develop to severe acute pancreatitis with high mortality rate. As a result, it’s crucial to identify high risk patients and give them early appropriate treatments. This article will review and compare the characteristic of Ranson, APACHE II, BISAP, CTSI scoring systems, which are widely used to differentiate mild acute pancreatitis from severe acute pancreatitis, and predict mortality rate.
【Key words】:pancreatitis; APACHE Ⅱ score; Ranson score; BISAP score

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