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Interventional treatment for Budd-Chiari syndrome : reports of 883 cases
文章发布日期:2011年02月12日  来源:  作者:孟庆义 孙念峰 王瑞华等  点击次数:6371次  下载次数:2216次
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【Abstract】:Objective To evaluate the clinical experiences of interventional therapy for Budd-Chiari syndrome. Methods IVC venography was first carried out and the obliterated or stenosed IVC was opened or dilated with the hard guide wire or Rups100 puncture needle and balloon, then a stent was implanted routinely for the type of obliteration or stenosis. Results The procedure was successful in 803 out of 883 cases including IVC intervention in 747 cases, and hepatic vein intervention in 56 cases. IVC stent was used in 504 cases and hepatic vein stent in 16 case. There was no sign of pulmonary embolism whereas acute renal failure occurred in 8 cases, hepatic coma in 2 cases and acute heart failure in 43 cases. Two patients died in this group and 5 were complicated with acute IVC thrombosis. Follow up of 7-124 months was performed in 673 cases with recurrence found in 31 cases. Conclusion Interventional therapy is a safe, effective and faster recovery is achieved for most types of BCS and it gradually became the first choice of treatment.
【Key words】:Budd-Chiari syndrome; angioplasty, balloon

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