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Regulatory effect of mTOR pathway-mediated autophagy in liver injury
文章发布日期:2020年10月22日  来源:  作者:黄倩,李京涛,刘永刚,等  点击次数:157次  下载次数:51次
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【Abstract】:Autophagy can regulate liver physiology and balance liver metabolism. Autophagy activation has a double-sided and complex effect on liver injury, and it is regulated by many factors and is associated with many protein pathways. This article summarizes the role of mTOR in the regulation of autophagy, which can inhibit or enhance autophagy through the PI3K/Akt upstream signaling pathway and participate in the physiological and pathological changes of related liver diseases. Therefore, this article reviews the research advances in the mTOR/PI3K/Akt autophagy pathway in liver injury, in order to provide new therapeutic targets for related liver diseases.
【Key words】:autophagy; liver injury; mammalian target of rapamycin; signal transduction

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