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Role of bile acids in enterohepatic circulation and mechanism of action of traditional Chinese medicine in regulating bile acids
文章发布日期:2020年10月22日  来源:  作者:叶倩伶,王明刚,毛德文,等  点击次数:175次  下载次数:41次
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【Abstract】:Bile acids (BAs) are produced in the liver and are the final product of cholesterol catabolism, with a wide range of biological effects. This article reviews the research advances in the synthesis, transport, and metabolism of BAs and the role of BAs in regulating hepatocytes and immunity via enterohepatic circulation, as well as the current research on traditional Chinese medicine in the regulation of BAs, in order to further understand the mechanism of action of BAs in affecting intestinal flora and liver function, expand the knowledge of its regulatory mechanism, explore the mechanism of action of traditional Chinese medicine and related pathways in regulating BAs, and provide new ideas for the prevention and treatment of liver-related systemic diseases by regulating BAs.
【Key words】:bile acids and salts; gastrointestinal microbiome; drugs,Chinese herbal

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