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Influence of drinking on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
文章发布日期:2020年10月22日  来源:  作者:牛春燕,张强,赵向阳  点击次数:144次  下载次数:40次
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【Abstract】:Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is defined as hepatic steatosis without heavy drinking (the amount of alcohol intake is limited within the safe threshold), and the difference between NAFLD and alcoholic liver disease is largely dependent on the amount of alcohol intake. Alcohol intake and NAFLD coexist in a considerable proportion of the population, and this proportion is increasing continuously. There are still controversies over the definition of “safe threshold” and whether moderate drinking within the “safe threshold” has a protective effect against NAFLD, so as to improve the adverse outcome and survival prognosis of chronic liver diseases. This article elaborates on the above ideas, and it is believed that we should pay attention to individualized risk assessment when evaluating the influence of drinking on NAFLD and follow the principle of individualization when judging the benefits and harms of drinking and giving suggestions for drinking.
【Key words】:alcohol drinking; nonalcoholic fatty liver disease; alcoholic liver disease; individualized principle

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