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Pathogenesis of hepatorenal syndrome
文章发布日期:2020年10月22日  来源:  作者:廖献花,叶俊钊,钟碧慧  点击次数:4492次  下载次数:142次
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【Abstract】:Hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) is one of the common serious complications in patients with end-stage liver disease and has poor prognosis and high mortality, and in-depth studies on its pathogenesis will help to achieve precise prevention and treatment. Although the exact pathogenesis of HRS has not yet been fully elucidated, achievements have been made in the pathogenesis of HRS. The classic mechanism of the hypothesis of visceral vasodilation continues to be enriched and perfected, and new understandings have been gained for the role of systemic inflammation and intestinal bacterial translocation in pathogenesis. In addition, a new concept of cardiorenal syndrome is put forward for the involvement of cardiac dysfunction in HRS, and renal pathology has been questioned and challenged. This article reviews the research advances in the pathogenesis of HRS in recent years and related implications for clinical work.
【Key words】:liver cirrhosis; hepatorenal syndrome; acute kidney injury; cardiomyopathies

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