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Introduction of Journal of Clinical Hepatology
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Journal of Clinical Hepatology (JCH, ISSN 1001-5256, CN 22-1108/R), founded in 1985, is a national academic journal published by Jilin University under Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. JCH is included in Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations, and is indexed in Abstract Journal(AJ), Chemical Abstracts (CA), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), Index of Copernicus (IC), Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International(CABI), EBSCOhost Online Research Databases(EBSCOhost), Directory of Open Access Journals(DOAJ), Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative(HINARI), The Western Pacific Region Index Medicus(WPRIM), Japan Science & Technology CorporationJSTChinaand Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (Ulrichsweb). Besides, JCH is the first journal specializing in hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases in China.
          JCH has an impact factor of 1.598 in 2019 Chinese Science and Technology Journal Citation Reports (CSTJCR, core version) and an impact factor of 2.255 in the expanded version. JCH ranks first among the gastroenterology journals in the core version of CSTJCR.
          Professor Zhuang Hui, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Professor Tan Yuquan from Jilin University serve as honorary editors-in-chief. Professor Jia Jidong, chairman of Chinese Society of Hepatology, Chinese Medical Association, and President of The 20th Conference of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver, and Professor Niu Junqi from Jilin University serve as editors-in-chief. The Editorial Board is composed of 345 domestic and foreign experts and academic leaders with extensive clinical experience and high academic attainments, of whom 19 are academicians, and 18 are from overseas (U.S., Japan, and South Korea) as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Also employed are 810 reviewers with great academic achievements in all the related fields. The Editorial Office has 6 part-time statisticians and one native English speaker as an editor.
        The articles are contributed by Chinese authors from around the world and mainly from medical institutions, medical technology and scientific research institutes and tertiary institutions in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in which disciplines are related to hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases. All incoming manuscripts are double blind peer reviewed.
        Goal of journal: JCH aims to promote the prevention and treatment of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases and the clinical application of the findings of basic research and is committed to serving a vast number of clinicians and researchers. With the emphasis on both theory and practice and the combination of contents at different levels, it provides an overview of the significant progress in the prevention and treatment of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases in China and the rest of the world, so as to boost the worldwide academic exchanges in the fields of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases.   
        Article contents: JCH publishes articles in the fields of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases from China and abroad, covering research findings, clinical experiences in diagnosis and treatment, the findings of basic research that are closely related to clinical practice and can serve as a guide for it, new therapies, and new techniques. It places emphasis on both clinical medicine and basic medicine, both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, both internal medicine and surgery, and both hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases.
        JCH publishes articles including Comment, Expert Forum, Clinical Guide, Original Article, Review, Case Report, Meeting Notes, etc. It also has opened a section called "Highlights" that publishes abstracts from international leading medical journals. All the articles in JHC are formatted in accordance with international standards, and all the reviews and original articles have abstracts in English.
        The Editorial Board determines the subjects of key issues each year. In each key issue, 30% of the articles are invited.
        Three-step review and three-round proofreading (The Three Policy) are strictly followed during the editing process. Each received manuscript has to go through three steps of review: primary review by the editor in charge, secondary review by reviewers, and final check by the editor-in-chief. From editing to the final publication, at least three rounds of proofreading have to be done by professional proofreaders. The Three Policy has assigned specific personnel and described clearly the responsibilities in each step or round. In this process, to be strict about the manuscript quality, cross complementary review and proofreading are applied for assuring fair evaluation of the manuscripts and avoiding mistakes caused by insufficient knowledge or negligence of the editorial staff. All received manuscripts have to be first checked on the AMLC system for academic misconduct. The accepted manuscripts are digitally published first, which will prevent academic plagiarism, improve paper quality, and facilitate dissemination.
        JHC official website provides open access to all the papers published since it was founded. The website contains all the domestic and international guide books in this specialty. It gives timely reports on industrial news, research progress, academic events, etc. JHC website is among the top search results in many big search engine platforms such as Google.
        JHC have built a new media platform integrating “official website, official microblog, mobile newspaper, official WeChat, editing system, Academic Misconduct Literature Check, Advance Online Publication, and electronic journals”.

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